Jyotishacharya Rakesh Pandey

Born in the family of the great scholar of Vedas and Astrology Param Pujaya Jyotishacharya Shree Ayodhya Pandey Ji, Jyotishacharya Rakesh Pandey got the spiritual and astrological atmosphere around him as a family inheritance. The fatherJyotishacharya Shree Ayodhya Pandey Ji hapreordained the potentialities of his son Rakesh Pandey and so he nurtured and initiated the child into the culture of astrology and spiritualism right from the beginning. Jyotishacharya Rakesh Pandey Ji got steeped into this culture and took to spiritualism and astrology with utmost seriousness, and giving new dimensions to his father’s dream he took his father’s mission far; and wide and even beyond the frontiers of the country. His incessant ‘Sadhna, his pursuite of truth in his own pious way, prompted him to draw profusely on the boundless treasure of knowledge that his father possesses . And today Jyotishacharya Rakesh Pandey Ji can be seen serving the masses curing their ills by means of his Astrological spiritualism

By the time Jyotishacharya Rakesh Pandey Ji reached the age of 16, he had acquired great knowledge & proficiency. He became a master fortune teller. After a few years he stepped out to the wide world outside, holding astrological camps in the various important towns of the country and curing people of their maladies. At every camp of his people would flock in large numbers and he would rid them of their problems by means of astrological spiritualism

By and by people in large numbers have come to repose great faith in this brilliant astrologer so much so that our of respect they have started calling him their “Guruji” This Guruji has carved out a unique place in his follower’s heart Good thoughts, good deeds, good words this ‘trio’ has become his guiding principle in file.

Specialist: Marriage, Business, Incurable disease, Santan badha, Politics, Education, Vastu